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Addicott Electrics Ltd based Teignmouth


St Marys Hospital – Isles of Scilly – Replacement Standby Generator.

Electricity is vital to everyone especially Hospitals, when the electricity supply is lost then power needs to be reinstated swiftly. For this reason most hospitals have a standby generator, St Marys Hospital is no different.
Early in 2017 SSE Contracting & Addicott Electrics Ltd were tasked with replacing the hospitals standby generator & various major electrical panels / systems. 

The project originated from the NHS Property Services backlog schedule and resulted largely from the difficulty in maintaining the existing aged generator, particularly because of the availability of spares and resources on the island.
The existing unit was still operational, but its reliability could not be guaranteed, so it was scheduled for replacement to ensure the hospital could remain open in the event of a loss of power on the island.

Due to remote nature of this project and the installation period clashing with the start of the islands busiest period of the year including the World Gig Rowing Championship exact planning was particularly important. All equipment including a temporary generator were loaded into shipping containers and transported to the hospital by Island Carriers. Equipment was then installed by SSE Contracting & Addicott Electrics Ltd engineers during a 10 day period which included small electrical shutdowns to the hospital all of which were planned in conjunction with the senior hospital staff.

The new generator and separate fuel tank have been installed as per the NHS HTM specifications, which include modern control systems which can monitored via the internet which will notify the health trust on the mainland of any problems.
The project was made easier with the assistance of local contractors on the Island.

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