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fuel polishing

Fuel polishing at Addicott Electrics Ltd

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Fuel polishing in the South West

We also offer the delivery and polishing of fuel stored with standby generators and boats. Our ability to polish (clean) diesel fuel stored in tanks on your vessel, at your marina, minimises the cost implications involved in dry docking.

We utilise a three-stage mobile tank cleaning system that reconditions and decontaminates both Diesel fuel and Bio-Diesel with no loss of volume and no need for expensive replacement.
If you are having problems with your engine it might be because of your fuel.
Call 01626 774 087, we cover Devon, Cornwall and the rest of the UK.

Do your filters keep getting blocked?

Do your filters keep getting blocked?
Has your engine lost power unexpectedly?
Do you have any suspicions about your fuel?
Has your fuel been checked recently?

We aim to remove 99% of any water, bacterial contamination and sludge that may be present. You can be assured that the fuel for your engine will be in the optimum condition and ready for use. Your engine will then be more reliable, more efficient and you will suffer less filter blockages therefore reducing any engine downtime.

For fuel polishing in Devon, Cornwall and throughout the UK, give us a call today.
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